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CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.


This page describes the objectives of the QRP Day Contest; the contest conditions, the scoring system, the requirements for logs, and what to do to be awarded a certificate.

Download a PDF version of these rules.


Sponsored by the VK QRP Club, CW Operators' QRP Club Inc. (COQC) in Australia and open to all Amateur Radio operators, the QRP Day Contest has the following objectives:
  • To work as many stations as possible in each hour;
  • To encourage contacts (QSOs) between VK, ZL and P29 stations;
  • To encourage the use and enjoyment of low power equipment, whether commercial or home-brewed;
  • To test the efficiency of your station under QRP operation; and
  • To compete for a certificate for best hour and/or best three hours.

When, Where, What and How

Date/Time: Saturday, 3rd September 2011 / 0800 UTC – 1200 UTC.
Entrants are encouraged to compete for all four hours and submit their logs on the basis of "best three hours"

Frequency Bands: HF bands - 80, 40 and 20 metres.
Please observe the band plans and only use your mode(s) of choice within the designated sub-band(s).
Category: Single Operator only.
Modes: CW, Phone, Mixed (CW and Phone).
Any station claiming to operate QRP MUST NOT exceed a maximum transmitter output power of 5 Watts average power (CW) or 5 Watts PEP, and should add /QRP after its callsign.
Exchange: A three-digit serial number beginning at 001 and incrementing by one for each contact.
Please note: RS(T) is not required, but if given should be an accurate statement of readability / signal strength (/ tone).
Repeat Contacts: In order to make greater use of available band space and time, repeat contacts with the same station will be allowed once each hour of the contest on each mode (ie a station may be worked each hour on CW and Phone). 


  • The FINAL SCORE is the sum of the individual points per QSO given in the Scoring Table below.
  • No multipliers apply.
  • QRP stations can count contacts with QRO stations towards their final score.
Scoring Table
Your Call Area
Other Station's Call Area
1 point
3 points
3 points
5 points
3 points
1 point
3 points
5 points
3 points
3 points
1 point
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points


  • Logs must show full details for each QSO, viz. time (UTC), station worked, band, mode, exchange serial sent, exchange serial received, and points claimed.
  • Please use separate logs for CW, Phone or Mixed modes.
  • Arrange logs so that each hour is clearly distinguishable.
  • Logs should be submitted for "best three hours" and scores will be automatically considered for highest score for each separate hour.
  • A Summary Sheet showing operator's callsign, name, address and points claimed must accompany the Log.
  • The preferred method of sending the log is email, but entrants must still include their postal address as per the Summary Sheet.
  • Send Logs and Summary Sheet to the Contest Manager, Mike Dower VK2IG - email: qrphours at exemail dot com dot au (the same address as used for the QRP Hours Contest); or snail mail: PO Box 8013, Gundaroo, NSW, 2620.
  • Emailed logs must be postmarked no later than 2359 AEST on Friday, 16th September, 2010; snail mailed logs must be postmarked no later than Friday, 16th September, 2010.
  • Feel free to include information about your station and band conditions; and any comments on what you liked, what you'd like to see included or improved, etc.


Certificates will be awarded to the following:

  • The first three (3) place-getters in each mode who submit "best three hours" entries, and
  • The highest place-getter in each mode for the highest score in any individual hour.



This page is designed, produced and placed on the internet by Garry Cottle VK2YA for and on behalf of the VK QRP Club, CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.
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