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CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.

Milliwatt per Kilometer Award

The CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.

The main criterion for the 'MPK' is simply to work the farthest distance with the
least output power.

The Award is available for CW, SSB and PSK31 modes.

The Award will be made to stations which achieve successful QSOs on or after
1 January 1999 over distances equal to, or greater than, the following:


no more than

at least
km per
at least
mW per km
no more than
A 10 mW 100 km 10 0.1
B 100 mW 500 km 5 0.2
C 200 mW 600 km 3 0.33
D 500 mW 1 000 km 2 0.5
E 1 watt 2 000 km 2 0.5
F 5 watt 10 000 km 2 0.5

For verification purposes, applicants are asked to supply full details of

•Output power: Key Down for CW and PEP for SSB;
•Latitude and longitude: grid squares, GPS location or map reference (preferably
two or more); and
•Photocopies of QSL cards sent and received. These are to include:
Mode:  Band & Frequency:  Other Station call, name and location: Time UTC.

The fee for each award is AUD$ 6.00 for posting within VK.

The fee for DX applicants is AUD$ 10.00 or USD$10.00.

A station may claim more than one award for a single QSO. For example, if
you work 2 500 km on 400 mW then both Section D and Section E awards may
be claimed.

A station with individual awards in all sections (A to F) may apply for a special
'All Sections Award' for CW or for SSB. There is no additional fee if applied for
at the same time as the fifth individual award.

Let's have your photograph too! Send a print or email an image file.

Please send award claims to -

CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.
MPK Awards  Manager

Garry Cottle VK2YA #121
96 Luttrell Street
Richmond NSW 2753

Email queries to Garry:  
mpkaward 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org

A coloured A4-size certificate featuring appropriate images and the Club
logo as centerpiece, with the recipient's details prominently displayed, will be awarded.

Download a PDF version of these rules.

email addresses are provided in "spambot-confuser" format: replace 'at' and 'dot' appropriately


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