CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.

Key Roles

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Club Committee

  • President:   Trevor Quick VK5ATQ
    Tel: (08) 8380 5542
    Email: president 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org

  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Kevin Zietz VK5AKZ
    Email: secretary 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org or
    Email: treasurer 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org
    P.O. Box 1018, Pasadena SA 5042 AUSTRALIA

  • Editor of 'Lo-Key': Terry Dawson VK2KTJ 
    Email: editor 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org

  • Lo-Key Printing & Distribution: Don Callow VK5AIL
    Email: publications 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org
    2/39 King William Street, Kent Town SA 5067

Awards & Contests

  • Contests: Andrew Davis VK2UH
    Email: contests 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org

  • Awards : Garry Cottle VK2YA
    Email: mpkaward 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org
    Email: tribanderaward 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org

SSB 'Natter Net'

  • Net Controller:  Bob McKew VK2AVQ
    Email: natternet 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org

Bits n Kits

  • Don Callow VK5AIL
    Email: contact 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org
    2 / 39 King William St., Kent Town SA 5067

Web Design and Operation

  • Garry Cottle VK2YA
    Email: webdesign1 'at' vkqrpclub 'dot' org

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