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Provided below are just a few of the many great resourses available on the web for QRP Amateur Radio and Amateur Radio in general. We hope they are of some benifit to you.


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Other Links

  • Wireless Institute of Australia (W.I.A.)   Home Page   and   Contests Page

  •  eham

    "... a community site designed and run by and for active Amateur Radio operators (hams)."

  • NEW!! Rishworth QRP Convention The GQRP Club held it's 2012 Rishworth QRP Convention on Saturday 20th October. Have a look at the video

  • Practical Wireless UK Roger Cooke G3LDI has some news from Australia and replies to an E-mail challenging his approach to training CW operators

  • VKHam  Quick Index to Australian Amateurs - Useful links to Australian Amateur Call Signs, and other data bases

  • VK3YE Peter Parker's  QRP Australia Home

  • VKFAQ - a site which provides a plethora of information about Amateur radio.

  • Learn CW On line - LCWO

  • VK2IG/QRP - A site dedicated to QRP operation

  • ACMA - The Australian Communications and Media Authority Register of Radiocommunication Licences

  • RBN - The Reverse Beacon Network

  • NZ RSM - The New Zealand Radio Spectrum Management

  • QRZ - searchable callsign database

  • Articles by  Lloyd Butler VK5BR , many published online