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The purpose of this page is to provide a place on the site which consolidates articles, amendments and posts which have been added on or after 25th January, 2013.

This information is available throughout the site, this just puts it all in one place, hopefully it will make it a little easier to find.


  • VK5WAT put on the Air by Peter VK3YE

    Here is a very nice video put together by Peter VK3YE who operated the Club callsign VK5WAT at Chelsea Beach on the 1st July, 2017

    Please access the video HERE

    (posted 08 July, 2017)


  • 10 Day QSO Award

    It did not take very long at all for the first 10 DAY QSO Award to be claimed.

    Not surprisingly, the fist award was claimed by Steve VK7CW with an endorsement of all contacts being made to DX stations and all on 5 watts. Congratulations Steve VK7CW.


    (posted 11 March, 2017)


  • Milliwatts Per Kilometer (MPK) Award

    Adrian M Riddick 2E0TEN / M0RDI has qualified for no less than seven (7) MPK Awards making contacts into Russia, Canada, Ukraine and good old Australia. These were all using SSB, with power levels ranging from 500mW to 5 Watts. Below is an example of one of Adrian's awards.


    (posted 07 March, 2017)


  • New Club Award 10 Day QSO Award

    To qualify for the award simply make at least one QRP CW QSO per day for any consecutive 10 day period.

    For more details please go to the Awards Page


    (updated 28 Feb 2017)



    The 'Out & About in VK5' newsletter is released at the end of each month by Paul VK5PAS.  It focusses on activity around the SOTA program, the VK5 Parks Award, WWFF, QRP, general portable, & pedestrian mobile.

    It can be emailed to you as a PDF file.  If you would like to go on the mailing list, drop me an email at.....

    Or, you can access the newsletter at this LINK

    (updated 10 Jan 2017)


  • QRP Hours 40m contest/sprint
    23 October 2016

    The results are out, they can be viewed HERE
    (updated 12 Dec 16)

    Run along the same lines as the 80m event earlier in the year, this will be on 40m and again, one hour on CW followed by one hour on SSB.  

    The proposed time is 0500 UTC for CW/PSK, 0600 UTC for SSB.  

    And this time - one division for home stations and another for portables on battery power. 

    Detailed rules can now viewed HERE

    This is an experimental event - timing might not suit everyone - let's see how it goes.


    (updated 05 Oct 2016)



    Below is an email which Tony Morris VK3CTM wrote to Kevin VK5AKZ the Club's Secretary / Treasurer. This how Tony VK3CTM is actively promoting Amateur Radio and the art of CW.

    Greetings Kevin.

    The attached image is of a very basic QRP CW transmitter which I have constructed in order to demonstrate one of the basics of our hobby.

    The transmitter is built to the circuit shown in the August 2012 'Amateur Radio'.

    I wanted the little rig to have all of its components 'out in the open' and not hidden away inside a case. Additionally I wanted it to look 'home built' and to look as simple as a crystal set.

    To the left is my QRP 'dummy load', to the right one of my keys and in front, a small sign.

    When operating in a public place I place a small HF receiver (Degen 1103) on a nearby table to receive leakage from the dummy load.

    I find that some onlookers are intrigued by the fact that a radio transmitter can be built with so few parts.

    The use of basic and obviously 'home brewed' radio gear when demonstrating amateur radio to the general public may be the best means by which non-hams may be induced to take up our hobby.

    One publication which I always have on my table is a copy of the WIA callbook. I have had onlookers who have caught on remarkably quickly to the basics of a CW contact as I break  it down for them.


    Tony Morris


    (posted 20 August, 2016)


  • Milliwatts Per Kilometer (MPK) Award

    Steve Salvia VK7CW has qualified for the award by making contact with Gary Ekker KF7WNS using only 500mW on 20 meters and they exchanged RST of 339. A distance of some 12,968 kilometers.


    (posted 05 August, 2016)


  • All Award Certificates are FREE

    The VK QRP Club committee wish to advise that all award certicicates will be issued FREE in both PDF and JPEG format.

    If an award certificate is required via post please contact the Awards Manager and the cost will be advised.

    Have a look at our Awards and see if you qualify for a FREE certificate.

    (posted 01 June, 2016)


  • ZL Winter Sprint Series 2016

    To stimulate some activity, have a bit of fun and with the Lee Jennings Activity Marathon in mind, a Winter Sprint contest series is being held each Tuesday night for five weeks commencing 7 June 2016 and ending 5 July 2016.  It will run for an hour from 7.30pm (NZST) with the first half hour being CW and the second half hour SSB.  The object is to work as many other stations as you can on 40m during that period swapping signal report and the outside temperature at your location.  You can do either or both half hour periods as there are separate entry categories for CW and SSB and for those who do both as well as QRP and non-QRP.  The scoring is simply 1 point per QSO with no multipliers and you can only work each station once in CW and once on SSB.  The overall winners will be the people who post the best four scores over the five week period in each category.

    If you would like to take part in this event, please have a look at the ZL3X The Quake Contest Group website for further details.

    (posted 12 May 2016)


  • Editor Required

    The CW Operators QRP Club requires an editor for the quarterly magazine.

    Murray VK3EZM has done a magnificent job for quite some time and has now retired.

    Anyone wishing to become Editor please email either the President Trevor VK5ATQ or our Publications expert Don VK5AIL who can arrange for details of the position to be sent to you.



    Trevor Quick VK5ATQ

    President CW Operators’ QRP Club.

    (posted 20 Apr 2016)


  • Morse code only ANZAC 100 operation

    Although the CW mode is used during the WIA ANZAC program, a special Morse
    code activity is planned by the Manly Warringah Radio Society of New South
    Wales, Australia.

    From May 9, the callsign VI2ANZAC will be heard on many HF bands for seven
    days, in commemoration of the landing on the Australian and New Zealand Army
    Corp (ANZAC) at Gallipoli 100 years ago.

    Patrick Novak VK2PN FISTS #14119 said: "The operation will be CW only expedition
    style, as many hours as propagation and stamina will allow."

    Each contact made by VI2ANZAC will be acknowledged by eQSL. Full details
    of the ANZAC 100 program and all events up to December can be read at wia.org.au

    73 de VK3PC-Jim #9679 (posted 5 May 2015)


  • VI8ANZAC The following email was received for the WIA regarding the use of call sign VI8ANZAC by the Darwin Amateur Radio Club.

    From: memnet@wia.org.au
    Date: 20 February 2015 9:40:30 AM ACDT
    To: secretary@vkqrpclub.org
    Subject: ANZAC Event

    The President,

    The next ANZAC event will commence on February 20th and will continue until March 3rd.
    This will be the Darwin Amateur Radio Club using VI8ANZAC.

    The following is some information relating to this event;

    Darwin Amateur Radio Club is using the VI8ANZAC  call sign, to cover the Albert Borella VC re-enactment
    of his epic journey from Tennant Ck to Darwin  (and thence Townsville as Darwin did not have recruiting
    capability) to enlist.


    Attached are the recommended frequencies for the ANZAC events. 
    Please use these as calling frequencies wherever possible and QSY as necessary. 
    Please be aware of regular Nets. All contacts will be appreciated.

    Suggested Calling Frequencies for 2015 ANZAC Commemoration














    7.040 MHz

    7.010 MHz

    7.095 MHz


    10.145 MHz

    10.110 MHz

    10.120 MHz


    14.095 MHz

    14.010 MHz

    14.250 MHz


    18.095 MHz

    18.105 MHz

    18.115 MHz


    21.095 MHz

    21.105 MHz

    21.250 MHz


    24.925 MHz

    24.895 MHz

    24.935 MHz


    28.055 MHz

    28.025 MHz

    28.450 MHz


    50.225 MHz

    50.500 MHz

    51.150 MHz


    145.000 MHz

    144.050 MHz

    144.150 MHz

    ECHO Link will be used by the Turkey Amateur Radio Society on ANZAC Day.

    Other bands and modes by arrangement.

    Fred Swainston VK3DAC
    WIA Director

    (updated 20 Feb 15)

  • QRS Slow Morse Net - For those of us who are interested in improving our CW skills, there is QRS Slow Morse Net on Wednesday nights. The details of are:

    QRS Slow Morse Code Net:
    Net controller: Garry VK2YA
    Wednesday nights 0900 UTC 7.058MHz +/- QRM

    Call: CQ CQ QRS Net de VK2/YA
    Power: any level

    Additional information is available at:

    QRS Morse Code

    (updated 28 Nov 14)

  • General interest for CW Operators

    This is a copy of a segment from this coming Sunday 14th Sep WIA bcast.


    FISTS Club - East Asia             www.feacw.net

    FISTS Club - Australasia           www.fistsdownunder.org

    FISTS Club - UK & Europe           www.fists.co.uk

    FISTS Club - Americas              www.fists.org

    CW Operating Procedure

     Following a suggestion by the IARU, the Icelandic member society IRA will  present a paper at the upcoming Region 1 conference (Sep. 21-27) concerning  CW operating procedure.

    The paper will be presented by Villi TF3DX.

    So far little has been done to promote the paper, but we feel that making it  known to the actual practitioners of CW would be important, especially now  that general familiarity with the mode can no longer be assumed in the  Ham radio community.

    Having members of clubs dedicated to the Morse tradition participate in the  discussion within their national societies would lead to more meaningful  stand taken, one way or the other.

    Then, of course, the CW Operators' Club comes to mind.

    In addition to the document submitted to the IARU R1 conference you may find  of interest these documents




    73, Yngvi TF3Y http://www.tf3y.net (updated 12 Sep 14)

  • VK QRP Club Turns 30 - The VK QRP Club will is celebrating its 30th birthday in December 2013. Please have a look at the article which appeared in the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club's magazine on page 21.

  • Bernhard J. Wittek DL4CW Bernhard DL4CW is the latest recipiant of the Club's MPK Award. Using his KX3 and spiderbeam and running only 100mW he had a contact on 20 meters with W1AW/9 the ARRL Centennial Station in Peoria County, Illinois USA, some 7,433 km. (updated 25 Jul 14)


  • Professor Malcolm Haskard VK5BA #8 The Club Committee is delighted to anounce Professor Malcolm Haskard VK5BA #8 has been awarded Life Membership of the CW Operators' QRP Club (VK QRP Club).

    Please see page 5 of the June 2014 issue of Low-Key #122 for full details. (updated 16 Jun 14)


    The image of Professor Malcolm Haskard is courtesy of the National Australia Day Council

  • Awards Free of Cost In celebration of the VK QRP Clubs' 30th anniversary, as from 01st April, 2014 the first 30 individual applications for either the MPK Award or the TriBander Award will receive the award free of cost. (Of course this will be "At the discretion of the Club Committee")

    So please, look through those old logs, make some new contacts and see if you qualify for one on these very collectable awards.

    The Award details can be found here. (updated 10 Mar 14)

  • Col VK5HCF operating from the Telford Scrub Conservation Park in SA. See the full story in the January/February 2014 edition of Amateur Radio pages 6 - 8.

    Col VK5HCF

  • QRP Hours Contest Results 2014 The QRP Hours Contest for 2014 is on again, Saturday, 5th April 2014 / 1000-1159 UTC. The aim of the contest is to make as many contacts in a one-hour period using your choice of mode. Again, open to all Amateur Radio Operators. (updated 10 Feb 14)

  • MPK Award Recipients - The latest recipients of the Clubs' MPK Award are Douglas A. Ellmore Sr NA1DX #28, and
    Petr Dabizha R2ABT #29.

    Maybe you should check your log sheets and see if you are also elegable to receive the award.

    Award details are available Here. (updated 10 Feb 14)
  • VK QRP Club celebrates 30 years

    This article and pictures have been published in the Jan/Feb 2014 Wireless Institute of Australia's Amateur Radio (AR) magazine.

    30 years

  • Don Callow VK5AIL #75
    Our New Life Member

    The committee is very pleased to announce the on 30th October, 2013, Don Callow VK5AIL #75 was granted Life Membership of the CW Operators' QRP Club in recognition of his long and dedicated service to the Club. Don joined the CW Operator's Club in October 1984, ten months after it was formed and about one year after starting in Amateur Radio. Since that time his work in a variety of roles has often been vital for continuation of the Club. His Committee membership has spanned many years. His wok in the role includes the research and putting together of the Club's Constitution which lead to its Incorporation on 31st August, 1993. Don's dedicated work as Editor of Lo-Key can only be described as 'magnificent'.

    Congratulations .... Don Collow VK5AIL #75

  • VK QRP Club Turns 30 - The VK QRP Club will is celebrating its 30th birthday in December 2013. Please have a look at the article which appeared in the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club's magazine on page 21.

  • New QRP Antenna Tuner - Portable radio accessory specialists SOTA beams has introduced a new antenna tuner this week. The Hi Tee Tuner has been designed to be at home in the shack or out outdoors.  A nice touch is that the laser engraved front panel includes space to write the settings for each band with your favourite antenna.

  • VK CW Beginners Net The VK CW Beginners Net is for any Australian (VK) amateur radio enthusiasts who wish to learn and practise morse code (cw). The net will run every Wednesday at 0930 utc on 7190 kHz, plus or minus interference. Beginners and Elmers are welcomed. (Honorary Aussies in ZL can join in too.) There are plenty of options to practice receiving morse. This net is more designed to get beginners on air to assist with confidence at having a QSO, to have some fun in a supportive environment.

    The VK CW Beginners Net is run by David Olsen VK4MDX, please visit the website where you will find much more information concerning times, frequencies and format.

  • Flagpole Contest The Manly Warringah Radio Society invite you to celebrate International Talk like a Pirate day, Amateur Radio and Flagpoles by participating in our inaugural Flagpole Contest.

    This is a fun and as you can see not too serious contest that will promote Amateur Radio and portable operations. So dust of your rig, get your antenna in the air and try out some new modes with friends.

    Contest Aims

    The winner of the competition will be the person who collects the most points during the day of the competition. The goal of the event is to exercise your ability to operate using a portable antenna across multiple modes and perhaps to get you out of your normal operating comfort zone.
    Non-flagpole stations are welcome to participate, but will have to work a little harder to get points.

    Go to the Manly Warringah ARS website for more details. (updated 17 Sep 13)

  • QRP Hours Contest Results 2013 The QRP Hours Contest Results for 2013 are in. The aim of the contest is to make as many contacts in a one-hour period using your choice of mode. Again, open to all Amateur Radio Operators. (updated 10 Jun 13)
  • Stop Press! Drew Diamond VK3XU in QRP Hall of Fame

    Concurrently with the 2013 Dayton Hamvention, QRP operators were holding their annual ’Four Days in May’. A highlight was the induction of Drew Diamond VK3XU into the QRP Hall of Fame. Drew is just the second VK amateur ever to be admitted and is well-known for his long-term encouragement of homebrew construction through books and articles, mostly in the WIA’s ‘Amateur Radio’ magazine.
    ... From Peter VK3YE

    Editor’s Note: Drew joined the CW Operators' QRP Club on 6 April 1984 and is a Life Member (see March Lo-Key) (updated 23 May 13)

  • Kevin Zietz VK5AKZ #43 Our very own, Kevin Ziertz VK5AKZ #43 has been exalted to the QRP ARCI (QRP Amateur Radio Club International) Hall of Fame for 2012. (updated 13 Feb 13)

  • Rishworth QRP Convention The GQRP Club held it's 2012 Rishworth QRP Convention on Saturday 20th October. Have a look at the video. (Links & Downloads) (updated Nov 13)

  • Practical Wireless UK Roger Cooke G3LDI has some news from Australia and replies to an E-mail challenging his approach to training CW operators. (Links & Downloads) (updated 25 Jan 13)

  • An index of  Lo-Key  articles (included in info.pdf) (Links & Downloads) (updated 01 Jun 13)