Nets and Frequencies

If you're looking to make contact with other member on-air, try the club calling frequencies, or look to join a weekly net.

Club calling frequencies

1.815, 3.530, 7.028, 10.106, 14.060, 21.060, 28.060 MHz

CQ QRS - Tuesday Slow CW Practice Net

The aim of this net is to encourage new CW operators to have a go at slow CW in a safe and really friendly environment where slow speed and lots of mistakes are par for the course. It's all about having a go, starting with a basic callsign and RST exchange, then over time, getting better and better. The net also attracts its fair share of old timers who enjoy helping others to have a go, or to just enjoy the banter.

Call: CQ QRS
When: Tuesday Nights, 0900 UTC until late
Where: 3540-3570 kHz

For more information, contact Mark Bosma VK2KI/VK6QI at

CW Net

Net controller: Mike VK2IG
Tuesday nights 0930 UTC 3530 kHz+/- QRM
In Summer (Southern Hemisphere) QSY to 40 Meters if necessary.

Call: CQ QRP Net de VK2IG/QRP
Power: any level

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