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Here we list those recipients of our Life Membership awards. This honour is bestowed upon members who have distinguished themselves by significant contribution to the field of QRP and/or the Club itself.

2014 - Professor Malcolm Haskard VK5BA #8

The Club Committee is delighted to announce that Malcolm Haskard VK5BA has been awarded Life Membership of the CW Operators' QRP Club.

As perhaps readers would guess from his low membership number, Malcolm Haskard VK5BA, Member No. 8, was a founding member of our Club. Prior to this he was Member No. 5 in the VK CW QRPp Club, launched by John Swiney VK6JS (SK) in January 1980..

Malcolm is the author of many articles which have been printed in our Lo-Key magazine and often joined the group assisting with enveloping our Club journal at the QTH of Don Callow VK5AIL. His help and contributions have always been greatly appreciated by the Club Committee and members.

Professor Malcolm Haskard VK5BA, has made significant contributions during his voluntary work in the broader community, and during his academic life. In addition he is the author of many publications in diverse technical areas and other fields. In 2014 Malcolm was a South Australian State Finalist for the Award of "Senior Australian of the Year 2014".

The Honour Roll listing for Professor Malcolm Haskard can be found at the website of the Australian of the Year:

The Club Committee congratulates Professor Malcolm Haskard VK5BA, and express their thanks for all of his voluntary work and input to the Club.

2013 - Don Callow VK5AIL #75

The committee is very pleased to announce that on 30th October 2013, Don Callow VK5AIL #75 was granted Life Membership of the CW Operators' QRP Club in recognition of his long and dedicated service to the Club. Don joined the CW Operator's Club in October 1984, ten months after it was formed and about one year after starting in Amateur Radio. Since that time his work in a variety of roles has often been vital for continuation of the Club. His Committee membership has spanned many years. His work in the role includes the research and putting together of the Club's Constitution which lead to its Incorporation on 31st August, 1993. Don's dedicated work as Editor of Lo-Key can only be described as 'magnificent'.

Congratulations .... Don Collow VK5AIL #75

2013 - Drew Diamond VK3XU

Drew joined the club in 1984. Concurrently with the 2013 Dayton Hamvention, QRP operators were holding their annual "Four Days in May" event. A highlight was the induction of Drew Diamond VK3XU into the QRP Hall of Fame. Drew is just the second VK amateur ever to be admitted and is well-known for his long-term encouragement of homebrew construction through books and articles, mostly in the WIA "Amateur Radio" magazine.

Congratulations Drew!

1997 - Kevin Zeitz VK5AKZ

Our very own, Kevin Zietz VK5AKZ #43 was exalted to the QRP ARCI (QRP Amateur Radio Club International) Hall of Fame for 2012.

Kevin Zeitz VK5AKZ is our Club Treasurer and Membership Secretary and has been given due recognition for his service to Amateur Radio and QRP, specifically the CW Operators' QRP Club Inc.

Kevin VK5AKZ #43, joined the club on 14th March, 1984 and was welcomed in the first issue of Lo-Key dated that month.

In the March 1997 issue of Lo-Key it was announced that earlier in the year Kevin, then Secretary and Public Officer, had been made the first Life Member of the Club. He was also, by then, the longest continuously serving Committee Member. He had previously been Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Editor of Lo-Key. Although extremely busy with his family and professional life, Kevin was noted for his dedicated and energetic service to the Club.

Congratulations Kevin!!

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